Macho's Dog Houses provides the very best customized shelter for your pet, because, We Care! To order one for your pet, please call 951-813-8588

About Us

Our company has been doing business since 2010 and putting smiles on your fury, four-legged friends, one dog house at a time. Our reason for doing what we do is simple, we love animals! We have combined our passion and care for animals and a skill set in wood working, to build what fits your pets needs.


We provide 100% fully customized dog houses to those who like to spoil their pets. We provide the widest range of customized dog houses in Temecula and surrounding areas. You choose a style, or simply build your own by choosing characteristics of different models and then contact us and let us know what you would like us to build. 

Individually Hand Crafted

Wood working is a skill that involves precise measurements and patience, to get it right the very first time. Here at Macho's Dog Houses, we take our time to make sure each and every dog house, we have the pleasure of building, is built to the clients specifications.

  • All dog houses are hand crafted and uniquely made with attention to detail
  • All dog houses are raised off of the ground and sit on pressure treated wood as the base

  • All dog houses are made to last

  • All dog houses are weather resistant

  • Timeline to complete most custom dog house is usually 3-5 days after start

  • Military discount available with ID